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The BeaverCoin Faucet gives each visitor a few BeaverCoins, every hour again. Between 0.05 and 12.5 BVC can currently be obtained per visitor per hour.

The goal of the faucet is to provide users their first BeaverCoins, to allow them a quick start in the cryptocurrency. Larger amounts of BeaverCoins can however be earned on the Mining Pool.


Support the BeaverCoin Faucet with your donations. All BeaverCoin donations go directly into the faucet wallet, and be used for future payouts: BRWtkFLZt4hU7H8CnpEnyEww2ycydkroAx

Alternatively, you can donate us Bitcoins. The assumed Bitcoins are exchanged by us at Bleutrade in BeaverCoins, and then transferred to the Faucet: 1NDPgY99EAu5N6jgcUwKCuvSSVX5118tnx (Bitcoin-Link)

If you want to support the BeaverCoin project, you can donate to the following addresses. All assumed donations are used for the development of BeaverCoin:

Earning Milestones

  • Currently general earning: 0.05 BVC (normal)
  • Every 2 earnings: 0.1 BVC (double)
  • Every 4 earnings: 0.15 BVC (3x)
  • Every 8 earnings: 0.2 BVC (4x)
  • Every 16 earnings: 0.25 BVC (5x)
  • Every 32 earnings: 0.3 BVC (6x)
  • Every 64 earnings: 0.35 BVC (7x)
  • Every 128 earnings: 0.4 BVC (8x)
  • Every 256 earnings: 0.45 BVC (9x)
  • Every 512 earnings: 0.5 BVC (10x)
  • Every 1,024 earnings: 1 BVC (20x!)
  • Every 2,048 earnings: 2.5 BVC (50x!!)
  • Every 4,096 earnings: 5 BVC (100x!!!)
  • Every 8,192 earnings: 12.5 BVC (250x, Jackpot!!!!)


  • Wallet balance: BVC
  • Total payout: 4755.175 BVC

Latest Payouts

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